Black Hole Society Web – a poem

When the black web of regard looms large,

Shot through with infinite dark forms,

Every movement, every vibration,

All possibilities a concatenation

Fraught and deadly, no joy, only



Frozen by the largely looming mass

Formed from dense relationships,

The collision zone of the black web

Draws in unsuspecting visitors to



No motion may be made herein about

Within the grasping confines wide

Of the black web, grasping, warping,

We tumble amidst forces unseen, visible



Torn apart and frozen by great force,

The web turns on, whirling mass fierce,

While we break apart, the web shatters us,

A storm of sociability made destruction,



What ends lie without the grasping realm

Of that strange whirlpool so horrible?

Few remain to say what went before us,

Torn into streamers, aeons swirling,



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