Hanging Trumpets – a poem

Ignore the vast foaming river Of information flowing, far Over rocks never worn, adamantine Bedrock layer beneath the waves, One's will an ocean in storm.  * A sweet zephyr winds through hills Low rising rather than squat stacks, Sloping sides call to mind madness Long kept within, crystals catching The sparkle of corruption, original sin.... Continue Reading →


Butterfly Dreams – a poem

Hopes, dreams, visions of success Flit and flutter, float from aether Groundward from heavens rare glimpsed And roam when down, rove along odd rails Until found, eyes without spark, lacking Glitter.  * The hope of eyeful storms stored For late days, drawn evenings, Those eyes watching for what waits In the fulsome forward sweep of... Continue Reading →

Shades of Sunlight – a poem

The watery light brightens, after Having faded for too long a time, A poem writ in the lilting change Of seasons and time come circling Along the lunar month divided tides. * Soon shall be lifted that pall Spoken of as Grey Heaven, dry Whispers, all moulten, stripped Bare and filled with light, gold And... Continue Reading →

Perceiver – a poem

How far is too far when silence Rules? * Thunderous silence, enforced stillness, Motion without movement, superbly grown Mass besides size, dichotomy of storms Forming super worlds, dream talk Glimpsed on the far ruby horizon. * Did we gaze through difference Only to find similarities closer To home than sense common may Have wanted to... Continue Reading →

Stars in Waiting – a poem

Tidally locked, the faces of demons leer From within the grinning void, blank Chasms of space where behemoths dwell, Hot fires raging from nearby stars Alight upon swirling worlds close And sear their cloud whirls fiery, A conflagration due to come nuclear, Burn hot plasma, fusion born living reactor. * Proto-flesh of stars sworn to... Continue Reading →

Too Well Protected – a poem

When logic & proportion have lost All meaning, the layers of armour Gone and leaving behind little For the hollow shell was formed Long ago when too many tough pieces Were added, the soul within forgotten, A brittle covering left behind And later too easily broken. * What worlds of nighted depths dream Behind minds... Continue Reading →

All Closed Doors – a poem

Signs within signs, a world Apart and inside, swirls Of that which lies hidden Oft times, secret, known, unspoken. * Fragments of sorrow wave through Windows with formless shimmers In heat which pours from sunless Skies, a dark tide strange litten. * Woe betide the seeker of sympathies For they shan't find empathy, kind Words... Continue Reading →

Valley of Colourless Secrets – a poem

The opiate blossoms have awoken, Petals unfurling to show litten And colourless innards, awake To drink great light, their thirst slake. * Wildly yellow the grand moon shines Down upon the valley of soft rhymes, Better known for death flowers, for Growing bright pods cast in forever. * Shadowy winds pick up recollections And draw... Continue Reading →

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