21st Century Gods – a poem

If our beliefs form

The deities of our age

Then our gods are jealous

Gods, much like yours.

Gods oft found dead,

Electric demipowers slumped

And limp in forgotten booths

Where once were made calls to relatives.


Those figureheads of monetary missions

Linger in crevices we barely consider,

A lack of light breeds them in dark

And makes Mammon hailed by many.


Ephemeral communication forms

Are perpetuated by instant gratification,

Likes and dislikes, pictures of newness

Spread about as crops wither and die.


Everyone wants to be a snowflake,

To seek the meaning in indigo

Over-saturation of the self lost

Amidst the drive and dream of all.


Your god is a jealous god

And makes me no money,

He is poor, inadequate & uncharging

And there goes the electricity.


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