Landscape of Pain – a poetic excerpt

Landscape of Pain – a poetic excerpt


Nuances, layers, leylines,

Pain the beginning, the end,

Experience all underlaid

With tingles, stabs, shots.


Coexistent with all memories,

Alpha and omega, ridealong map

Of all knowledge, price tags

Attached to every physical unfolding.


A supermarket extravaganza

Of life, each and every movement

With a price tag attached

For the painful consequence.


What lies beneath the surface

Can barely be expressed

For what it does, inexorable

And forever enduring, eternal…


A series of gentle stabs penetrate

The kneecap, travel into the hip,

Muscles in the thigh spasm gently,

Aches flare, fade, and flare again.


Spreading out, unfolding, it eats

Deep into the pectoral, down, down

And growing sharp, stabs, nerve fire

Lancing down the arm, alive.


Layers of pain so complex they are

A landscape of pulses, signals,

Sensory information bright as any

Nuclear station circuit control board…


The jaw grinds on both sides, the right

Alive with agony, clear delineation

Of a few upper teeth sparking, nerves

Apparently raw, open, being tugged.


Throb throb throb*


Upward the line traces further,

From the jaw into the sinus,

Crackling, a muscle flutters incessant

Within the ear, jaw held tight in defence.


Up, up, up, behind the eye, so far
It has traveled, enduring all the way,

Felt and pulsing along the entire path

It took to get to the face, to be alive.


Behind the eye, into the head,

Encompassing the crown, alighting

Tingles in the scalp, waveform

With purpose, an entire side blazing.


It is a living thing, an entity in itself,

A parasite, one that knows to kill

The host is to die, and yet…

What would I give…to be free?

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