Death of a Star – a novel excerpt

Greetings from the aether.

(yes, I have a picture at last :p)

To go with the more regular posting I want to endeavour to post more of my prose work. The item below was written all the way back in May of this year. Much has happened in the novel since that time however there is far more to go!!

In the extract we see a new character, soon to be central to the plot, be transformed and not necessarily by choice. Later in the novel it will be a part of the sobriquets that the lead characters are often known by: Star Eaters.


Please provide feedback if you have any thoughts! 😀


Diablo Ex Machina

Part 4 – Playtime

Chapter 75 – Death of a Star

…Blood and power both, feeding him, nourishing the empty hole where he had once held a reservoir for food and drink. It filled to maximal capacity and then kept increasing. More, more, more, more….MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE.

It was too much. Raviz looked out of his hellish isolation within the burgeoning apotheosis that he was fearing would cast him astray from the dimensions of logical space. He met Lordan’s eyes again, saw his ragged jaw and sharp, animal teeth forming a litany of unholy smooth noises that washed over him. He bent over, groaning, tried to close his eyes.

It made no difference.

There was no salvation in the void behind his eyelids, the fear kept on building, building, fears upon fears upon fears, and the star pulsed on. He thought that he could hear it, the forces at work within the giant ball of hydrogen tearing, the flow of particles splitting from their normal process of activity, that penumbra so huge that it was eclipsing all he could take in with his eyes. The corona was lost to that black, that surrounding darkness having grown till it had become the world, everything he knew, the colour of fear and how often our fears are realised, becoming true in silence and screaming together, the juxtaposition of horrors come true in the melting pots of our minds.

Orange, flaring madly, poured from the star in huge gouts that could have swallowed entire planets in illogical jets, ruptures that were sending magnetic energy and radiation far out from the star system. The star was dying, and its system of 4 worlds would die with it. The nova which would result from this sorcery would be contained, channelled, fed into Raviziel.

He started to scream then, feeling as if he couldn’t take anymore, knowing that he couldn’t. Raviziel reached out a hand palsied by uncontrollable tremors to the robot as he waved his staff, was ignored. Lordan whirled the staff like a devilish conductor of some ungodly orchestra.

When he felt his shoulder blades break the skin and muscles on his back Raviziel’s brain broke.

At last he passed into unconsciousness from the world as he had known it…


Peace y’all.



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