Indian Tea, or Masala Chai – a recipe

Afternoon ladies and gents. Today, as promised, is a recipe for making Indian Tea, also known as Masala Chai. Ill with the flu right now I've been limited in what I can do. Consumption of healthy, detoxifying foods and drink have been high on the list. One of the great restoratives I've been imbibing is... Continue Reading →


Turmeric Milk – a health musing

Afternoon. As I'm currently super phlegmy and ill I've been making an d- oops! Forgot to add the tea.  🙂 Been ill and so I've been making lots of Indian tea to help clear my chest and keep my throat from being too sore. Indian tea, or masala chai (translates to 'spicy tea') is different... Continue Reading →


Stellamaris. Druukmiri. Dragon of the sea, teeth mountain tall, tail the fan of continents, whose blood melts flesh and whose children explode when born. Eggs the size of a village, obsidian like glass, smoother to a micron than a laser could make. A prize...for the right merchant. All merchants need a buyer, and all buyers... Continue Reading →

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