An Agent of Fear – excerpt

Following is an excerpt from the novel I am working on, Diablo Ex Machina. It has a modular style, each part being wholly different from that which went before, allowing me to work on and explore a variety of styles covering hundreds of years. Yesterday, after speaking with a lady at work, I had confirmation... Continue Reading →


Raviera Palmero – a meaning

There is a lot of power in names. If you hold someone's full name you gain a great deal of knowledge about them. There is what they choose to call themselves, how they perceive their own existence, set against and alongside what others call them and have called them. Raviera Palmero is a mix of... Continue Reading →

Free – a musing

Greetings. My previous WordPress blog has now been deleted and new content will continue to be posted here. Following a somewhat strange week I am looking into studying a Masters abroad. I believe that it is time to get out of the cold country and seek happier times elsewhere. The pale concerns hold nothing for... Continue Reading →

Grace – a song quote

"I'm a little less lonely walkin round in the world today, oh, you don't hide from me. I'm a little less older walkin round in the world today, No you don't lie to me. I've turned this way, today, Again, again, again. Ohh, isn't that what we love for? Isn't that what we love for?"... Continue Reading →

Just Might – a prose excerpt

Diablo Ex Machina Part III - The Pleasure Domes Chapter 59 - Just Might The following is a short excerpt from a fiction piece I'm working on. I began in January with a general outline that has been fleshed out as work continues. Overall it concerns the fate and machinations of one immortal in a... Continue Reading →

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